Photoshoot with and by my girlfriend.

24 okt

I might admit that I do love some attention so when me and my girlfriend headed for a location to do a shoot, it didn’t take long to have me in front of the camera.

The most import things while doing this shoot was gain experience and just have fun. And actually I’m very amazed by the way my girlfriend handled the camera and took some really good shots, or perhaps I’m just a superb model.

Anyway, that’s up to you to decide on.



2 Reacties to “Photoshoot with and by my girlfriend.”

  1. timfreh bij 3:48 am #

    erg herkenbaar werk!

    • nedewe bij 11:31 am #

      Is dat in m’n voordeel of nadeel? 🙂

      Alvast bedankt.


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