Alexisonfire @ Brussel

3 Nov


Yesterday, I went to the concert by Alexisonfire. I was not allowed to take these pictures but did it anyway. And because I didn’t had the best position and there was a guard right in front of me, I couldn’t take the shots like I really wanted to.

At one point I saw the photographer text a message on his mobilephone, and because I suspected it had to do with me taking pictures, I had to put my camera away. Within two minutes a crew member was looking around at the place where I standed. It was a really good concert, the vibe and energy were crazy.

So, let’s skip the babbling and go over to the shots.

I’d love it if you would comment these pictures.



1. Alexisonfire.

2. Alexisonfire.

3. Alexisonfire.

4. Alexisonfire

5. Alexisonfire.

6. Alexisonfire

7. Alexisonfire.

8. Alexisonfire.

9. Alexisonfire

10. Alexisonfire

11. Alexisonfire

12. Alexisonfire

13. Alexisonfire

14. Alexisonfire

15. Alexisonfire


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4 Reacties to “Alexisonfire @ Brussel”

  1. Karim november 4, 2010 bij 6:33 am #

    Why do you assume it wasn’t allowed to take pictures? Everybody takes pictures at concerts these days.

    • nedewe november 4, 2010 bij 8:18 am #

      Because at the back of the ticket, one of the restrictions was to take no pictures or make video’s.
      Yes, everyone does these days, but there’s still a difference between a normal camera or a rather proffessional.

  2. snowmints november 5, 2010 bij 3:13 am #

    Great shots! Is George really as crazy on stage with his theatrics as I’ve seen on youtube?

    • nedewe november 5, 2010 bij 7:10 pm #

      George is crazy. I think the concept of the night was spitting around and on eachother. Lots of spitting going on.
      He has just such an energetic vibe and pulls the audience into that vibe.

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