Old work II (Urbex)

8 nov
Urban Exploring

I’d like to share some older pictures I took while doing some urban exploring.

These are mostly taken at an empty pool and an old fortress.

Take a bath.

Lifting weights.

Please, handle with care.

Put your mask on.

A doorway.

Behind the glass.

You can find more of my older urbex work on following link:


5 Reacties to “Old work II (Urbex)”

  1. xinapray bij 5:30 pm #

    A great set of gritty urban images. I especially like the perspectives in Please Handle With Care and Behind The Glass. Nicely done!

    • nedewe bij 11:57 am #

      Well, thank you, even if I must confess that these locations were not that interesting.

  2. Nakita bij 9:20 am #

    dadipark !!!!
    we have the same vision dude 🙂

    • nedewe bij 11:59 am #

      Yes yes, even I didn’t find this a really great loation.

      • Nakita bij 3:25 pm #

        Nope 🙂 but I had a fun day there anyway..

        Did like seeing the Nautic Jet (where the 8-year-old boy lost an arm… brrr 😉 )

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