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A Brand @ Coca Cola European Center.

28 feb

This are the pictures I took at the official release of the new album of A Brand.

A Brand

A Brand

A Brand

A Brand

You can see more pictures of A Brand at my Flickr account:

A Brand-pictures.

Brahim & Jean Bosco Safari @ Buster.

30 dec

They gave a surprise act at the jazz-rock-blues-standup-café Buster.




Jean Bosco Safari

Jean Bosco Safari

Click here to go to the site of Jean Bosco Safari.

Click here to go to the site of Brahim.

Automatic Sam/The Reactionaries @ Le Cirq

14 dec

Automatic Sam was one of the two bands who opened for Gipsy on the Rocks. (Click here to go to their pictures.)

Automatic Sam

And the second group who opened up for Gipsy were The Reactionaries.

The Reactionaries

The Reactionaries

Gipsy on the Rocks: Soul for a gun (debut album)

13 dec

Well, finally I can post the pictures taken at the introduction of Gipsy on the Rocks new album, Soul for a Gun.
They played at Le Cirq, in Hoogstraten (Highstreet). It took them a year to make this album, and it shows.
It’s blues rock and they rock.

Support was given by The Reactionaries & Automatic Sam

Gipsy on the Rocks

Gipsy on the Rocks

Gipsy on the Rocks

Gipsy on the Rocks

Gipsy on the Rocks

Gipsy on the Rocks

Gipsy on the Rocks

Gipsy on the Rocks

Pictures of The Reactionaries and Automatic Sam will be online soon.

In the newspaper.

6 dec

Last Friday I went to shoot the release of the debutalbum of Gipsy on the Rocks. (click name to go to the website)

It was amazing. These guys (& girl) are playing some punchy rock’n roll. So keep an eye on them.

Two of my pictures of that evening are posted on the newspaper’s website. Unfortunately these were not the two best pictures I had to offer of that night but because it was a quick deadline I had to deliver. Somewhere this week I’ll post the pictures of the whole concert.

Click this to go the advertisement.
Gazet van Antwerpen.

Alexisonfire @ Brussel

3 nov


Yesterday, I went to the concert by Alexisonfire. I was not allowed to take these pictures but did it anyway. And because I didn’t had the best position and there was a guard right in front of me, I couldn’t take the shots like I really wanted to.

At one point I saw the photographer text a message on his mobilephone, and because I suspected it had to do with me taking pictures, I had to put my camera away. Within two minutes a crew member was looking around at the place where I standed. It was a really good concert, the vibe and energy were crazy.

So, let’s skip the babbling and go over to the shots.

I’d love it if you would comment these pictures.



1. Alexisonfire.

2. Alexisonfire.

3. Alexisonfire.

4. Alexisonfire

5. Alexisonfire.

6. Alexisonfire

7. Alexisonfire.

8. Alexisonfire.

9. Alexisonfire

10. Alexisonfire

11. Alexisonfire

12. Alexisonfire

13. Alexisonfire

14. Alexisonfire

15. Alexisonfire


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Old work (music)

30 okt


At this moment I don’t really have any new pictures but I’m working on it. In the meanwhile I’ll be posting some old work. Last time I posted some old Urbex-pictures (link: This time I’ll be posting some work about music. These (music and urbex that is…) are to me the most enjoyable subjects to shoot. Anyway, let’s get to the dealio.

These are different kind of bands and at different periods of my photography experience. So not all of them are the best quality but I want to share them with you anyways. Hopefully you’ll give me some feedback. Enjoy.

This band has been around for years. They make fun music and play covers to get the party started.

The frontman of this band reminds me of Jeff Buckley a bit. (

I really enjoyed shooting this frontman. Good expression, and don't you think he reminds you of the frontman of Arctic Monkeys? Click picture to visit their Myspace.

Belgium rock band

This band, especially known for their hitsingle ''sadness'', really enjoy interaction with the fans. And it works. Click the picture to visit their website.

Psycho 44 is an electronic rockband with a touch of experimental, who get their influences from bands such as DFA 1979, QOTSA, Nine Inch Nails and Millionaire. Click picture to visit their myspace.