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Kassa 4

3 dec

Here are some pictures I took at our favourite café ”Kassa”.













Thanks to my sweetheart, Jan, Alex, Stefanie, Aly, Dieter, Suzanne.


30 nov

While we were thinking about a shoot I took some pictures of my girlfriend.
Here they are.




The Treedoctor.

7 nov

A misty day in the city and what does a photographer think? Let’s grab the camera and wander around.

But the mist wasn’t working in my advantage. Every place where I went the mist was disappearing and nothing was happening.

At a certain point I was walking along the biggest shopping street of Antwerpen, called ‘Meir’.

When I was walking down this street I suddenly heard someone shout something…

” Sir,… Excuses me, sir?!,… Hello?…”

So, when I turned around I saw a man with a dog approaching me.

”Hey’, he said’ do you wanna see something special?”

So I asked him what it was.

He told me that his dog is growing a tree on his chest. Totally confused and very interested I said I wanted to see this.

So he made his dog sit on a bank in the street. Then he point at this tree, and now I got the point. It’s a white mark on his chest in the form of a tree.

The man told me that his name was Mathieuw and he’s a treedoctor from England, Manchester. His dog’s name is Tabaco.

He gave me his email adress so I could send him the pictures but unfortunately I lost it.

So I hope he’ll find these pictures.

The dog really loved to pose.


6 nov

Thinking… Thinking about what?

All I see is reflections in windows trapped by solid rock. These things they call buildings should contain people, conversations, silence, thought,….

Is it right for me to think that I’m alone in this city? That I’m the trapped window in this open building? Am I reflecting or can you see me and observe?

I do not know such things so I’m thinking while I’m walking the streets and keep reflecting on my own ideas.

Photoshoot with and by my girlfriend.

24 okt

I might admit that I do love some attention so when me and my girlfriend headed for a location to do a shoot, it didn’t take long to have me in front of the camera.

The most import things while doing this shoot was gain experience and just have fun. And actually I’m very amazed by the way my girlfriend handled the camera and took some really good shots, or perhaps I’m just a superb model.

Anyway, that’s up to you to decide on.