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Old work II (Urbex)

8 nov
Urban Exploring

I’d like to share some older pictures I took while doing some urban exploring.

These are mostly taken at an empty pool and an old fortress.

Take a bath.

Lifting weights.

Please, handle with care.

Put your mask on.

A doorway.

Behind the glass.

You can find more of my older urbex work on following link:

Old Work (Urbex)

1 okt

I just started this blog but I’ve been taking pictures for a longer time. So, now and then I’ll be posting some old work. But only if I still like it and I think it is good enough to share with you.

The pictures you see now are taken at two locations.

1) This used to be a building to teach people the research on animals. The building is to be found right in the middle of a rather big city. The gate wasn’t open and we had to find a way on the side of the street to gain acces to the basement.

Inside we found skulls and bones, insides in bowls, animalsheads,… Most rooms were still in a good state.

After we had the pictures we left the building by the same route again. People saw us crawling from a basement space and climbing up on the streets.

2) This is still a very modern hospital in the Netherlands. For this urbex adventure we hooked up with an Urbex’er from the Netherlands. First we had to climb a wall and then we had to enter a window as we had to watch pieces of glass.

We never seem to find the place were the stock dead people. But we found some nice space, like the chair where women give birth.  The spookiest thing I experienced there was: I had to go to the bathroom and because the lights didn’t work I had to leave the door open so I had light coming in. When my partners were wondering around on their own I found myself sitting there in the dark, except for a bit of light. And then my imagination started working and as I was watching the light true the space between the door and wall, I started to fear that suddenly a face would watch me. CREEPY!

Hospital (Urbex)

29 sep

”An empty building is not just bricks and broken glass. It isn’t about dirty rooms and open cabinets. Nor is it about dusty tables and rusty machines. It’s about the past, about stories that were and could have been. Within these buildings you can let your imagination get the best of you. And you’ll like it.”

In a search for empty buildings we try to capture a mood. Let the pictures tell a story.

This building was a hospital. The central building is an old castle and later they’ve build two extra buildings aside.  We arrived and the first thing we noticed was a car. Flat tires, broken glass, garbage but still a relative new car.  The building had many windows, wich most of them were closed. It wasn’t hard to find an entrance. And soon we were wondering around the place.

A hospital always has something spooky about it. You can really feel the ghosts of the death on your skin, like they are following you around the building and watching you take a path to places where ghosts have been born.

In this adventure we did not really encountered creepy rooms or viewings.

Except for one thing wich almost was like a confrontation with our fantasy living its own life… As we came to the third store, we stopped infront of the first door so we could push it open and see what it could show. When we tried to open it, the door next to it suddenly closed. Some time before that we heared footsteps and noises inside the building, so at the time we found it to be wise and get away from that door. When we left and I was yelling stuff a old man appeared from the window wich led to the room from where the door was closed… So, we waved, and he waved back…

Welcome and enjoy.